From Reddit: Medium Training Set Review

Below is a review from a Reddit user.  This user received a discounted set in exchange for an honest review.
Medium Anal Training Set Review

I absolutely loved this set! Even though I'm no beginner but it was immediately apparent the superior performance of the set over traditional butt plugs or dildos. If you're someone who struggles with pain, tears easily, or are brand new to the scene I can't recommend this set enough! The ease with which the dilator is able to move forward can't be overstated. There are no abrupt changes in width and the rings offer the perfect length of material at each level for you to rest when needed. These ”shelves” are what really allows your muscles to both grip and fully relax around the dilator. This enhanced ease of dilation translated to a much more sensual experience between my partner and I. This set really gave us a unique and unforgettable session, really exceeded our expectations! We used Liquid Silk lube with the toys and it paired beautifully.

The set comes with 6 pieces equaling 3 sets of dilator/plug pairs; each increasing in size. You're able to use the dilators in succession with each other to reach a larger desired size slowly or one dilator for one specific sized plug. Either application is just as easy and effective. The measurements are accurate as advertised. The dilators match exactly to the corresponding plug!

The material is 100% high grade silicone which in my experience offers very firm plugs.  The first thing I noticed when taking one out of its packaging was how soft they were. While still being plenty firm for dilation they offer an uncommon amount of comfort. This extra cushion goes a long way to providing a pleasurable sensation when you squeeze the dilator, either with intent or from the natural dilation process. It feels very natural, more so than any other anal dilation toy I've used before. The material offers a perfectly balanced texture between being smooth and offering a good grip for whoever is controlling the piece.

The appearance of the pieces is gorgeous! The colors are subtle with a gentle swirling effect that has just enough fine glitter to catch the light as you turn them. The shades chosen for the sets are chic and elegant. I chose the blue set which comes in a gorgeous stormy gray blue with hints of silver.

All in all I have to give this training set a resounding 10/10 on the sexsational scale!

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