Detailed Sizing Guide

Our products come in a wide range of sizes with the goal of fitting all different types of bodies. To help you make your decision, we have 3 simple questions:

  1. What is your current experience level with anal toys?
  2. Do you prefer Standard or Long Wands?
  3. What are your Girth Goals?

At the end of our guide, you should know exactly which training set will work best for your body!  Don't feel like reading all of this?  Click HERE for a summary chart.

1. Current Experience Level

How much experience do you have with anal toys or anal play (partnered or alone)? This question is vitally important to helping us find the best dilation set for you. We've defined 4 levels of experience:

Novice: You have literally no experience with anal play of any kind.

Beginner: You have some experience with anal toys or light anal play during sexual encounters, but don't feel ready for anal sex.

Intermediate: You are comfortable with anal toys and enjoy anal play during sex. You've probably had anal sex a few times, but the success of those attempts has been inconsistent.

Advanced: You are very comfortable with anal toys and can consistently have successful anal sex when you take the time to prepare your body.

If you identify as a Novice or Beginner, you should definitely use standard length wands. You can skip down to section 3: Girth Goals.

If you identify as Intermediate or Advanced, please read the following section to decide whether standard or long wands would be a better fit for you.

Want to go even bigger? We now offer Jumbo Sizes that go beyond the girth of human penises!

2. Standard or Long Wands

Wands come in standard and long variations. On average, long wands are about 15% longer than their standard counterparts. The insertable length of standard wands ranges from 4.4" to 5.9" and long wands range from 5" to 6.9". Don't let those numbers fool you- an inch makes a big difference in anal play!

The standard wands are standard for a reason- unless you have experience with other anal toys and know you enjoy a deeper experience, we strongly suggest purchasing standard sizes.

There is no difference in the girth of standard and long wands. The main goal of our dilation system is to stretch to a predetermined girth- standard and long wands both achieve that goal!

Plug sizing is identical between standard and long sets.

Insertable Length: Standard vs Long Wands

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5


*all measurements are in inches

3. Girth Goals

Finally, it's time to determine your girth goal. Remember, each size level (1-5) has a specific "max girth" each level's wand and plug have matching max girths. While designing our dilation system, we used actual penial girth statistics to choose the max girth for each size level- we've covered the whole range from the 1st percentile (level 1) to the 99.99th percentile (level 5).

In order to achieve comfortable anal sex with your partner, you will need to stretch to the girth of your partner's erect penis.

Let's have some fun! Grab a flexible tape measure and your partner. Measure around the middle of the shaft of your partner's erect penis- this number is your girth goal.

The table below will tell you the goal size level that corresponds with your partner's girth as well as the dilation set that is designed for stretching to your goal.

If your partner is in the large or extra large range but you are a novice or beginner at anal play, we recommend purchasing a medium set and adding individual sizes 4 and/or 5 in the future if you feel ready and interested in stretching larger.

Are you unable to measure your partner's penis? Or would you like to try training without a particular partner in mind? 75% of penises fall within the range of our medium set (levels 1-3), so it is generally our default recommendation.

Want to go even bigger? We now offer Jumbo Sizes that go beyond the girth of human penises!

Penis Girth and Corresponding Size Levels

Partner Shaft Girth (circumference)
Penial Girth %ile
Goal Size Level
Training Set 
up to 3.50"
Level 1
Level 1
3.51" - 4.25"
1% - 20%
Level 2
Levels 1 & 2
4.26" - 5.00"
20% - 75%
Level 3
Medium (1-3)
5.01" - 5.75"
75% - 98%
Level 4
Large (2-4)
5.76" - 6.50"
98% - 99.99%
Level 5
Extra Large (3-5)

*all measurements are in inches.  Penial girth statistics are from

In Summary: Set Recommendation Matrix

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