About Us

Silolis is a small, woman-owned, sexual health company. Our founder, Darbi Paige, didn't set out to revolutionize the way people train for anal sex. In fact, she didn't set out to create anything. Darbi was just trying to make anal sex more comfortable for herself and her partner.

She read blogs about how to train for anal sex. She bought plugs and douches. Sometimes the plugs would work and they could have an enjoyable anal sex experience, but too often the "training" did not result in pleasurable or even comfortable anal sex. It felt like a waste of time and effort. Who wants to spend a few hours getting ready for an exciting evening, only for your body to reject the plan?

Darbi decided to create a better way, and the result was our coordinated plug and wand system.

Along the path of creating Silolis, Darbi spoke to several friends and learned that many of them were interested in having anal sex, but were unable to for a variety of reasons. Some didn't know how to prepare properly for a comfortable experience. A few had bad experiences with inconsiderate partners when they were younger and were nervous to try with their current partner. Some had been able to successfully have anal sex once or twice without any training, and had been unable to recreate the experience.

It became clear that this idea could benefit more than just her own sex life. Darbi got to work creating a system that could be customized to fit a wide variety of bodies...

...and Silolis was born

Darbi researched penile girth statistics in order to cover the range of actual penises from the first percentile (level 1) to the 99.99th percentile (level 5). She learned about the best materials for making sex toys, and was shocked to learn that many sex toys are made with materials that are not body safe. Platinum cure silicone is the gold-standard for toys that are body safe and squishy. Darbi tested and retested dozens of iterations of the current system, adjusting lengths and widths and shapes. She tried different types of silicone to find just the right balance of firmness and softness. She asked friends to test out the system and provide feedback.

Years of research and study have resulted in our current patent-pending system. We believe it is the most efficient and comfortable anal training system on the market, and our customers agree.

Our Core Values

As a company, we place sexual discovery at the core of all that we do. Above all else, sex should be enjoyable and consensual for all involved. We believe that sex should be fun and exciting, and that looks different for different people. We believe that no one should be shamed for their sexual preferences- whether they would be labeled as "vanilla" or "kinky," or anywhere in between. We believe in sexual education and discovery for all.

We support innovation in the adult toy industry and believe that small artisan creators fulfill a valuable role in pushing innovation forward.