Tips for Success

What works best will vary from one person to another.  Relax and experiment to discover what works best for you!  We would like to offer some general advice that we hope will be helpful!

Enjoy the Process

For most of our users, the end goal is anal sex. However, it may take longer than expected to reach that goal. For many, the process of anal training can be surprisingly enjoyable.

Here's some advice that may help you enjoy the process:

  • Use lube: We recommend using plenty of water-based lube. You may want to sit on a towel while using the wands to make clean up easier.
  • Stimulate other erogenous zones: Your body may not be used to associating sexual pleasure with anal stimulation. Stimulating other areas while training can help your body relax and intensify your feelings of pleasure.
  • Stop if you feel pain: It is normal to feel stretching or a bit of pressure, but pain is not ok and you should stop immediately if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Involve your partner: Many couples find the process of anal training to be highly erotic. You may want to let your partner watch you train or even help you. Some people like to send pictures or flirty texts during the day to keep their partner updated on the progress of their training.
  • Take it slow: Don't expect to have anal sex on day 1 of training. You may just work through your first level on day 1. You may want to try having vaginal or oral sex with a plug in to see how that feels.
  • Try different positions: Sitting straight up while inserting a wand may be uncomfortable. Try leaning back slightly or laying down. You may want to try on all fours if your partner is helping. Listen to your body and do what feels good.
  • Remember- you know your end goal: Once you can comfortably take the wand that corresponds to your partner's girth, you are ready to try anal sex. Don't rush the process! You will know when it is comfortable for your body. A bad anal sex experience will set you back physically and mentally.

About Your Partner

We believe that sex in general, and anal sex in particular, requires trust and respect between partners. Anal sex can be an exciting fantasy for many people; it is important to discuss the realities before anal sex is actually attempted.

Here are some things you may want to discuss, though this is not an exhaustive list:

  • No pressure: You and your partner are on a journey together for a shared experience. If it doesn't work out on a particular day (or ever), that is ok. No one should be shamed or embarrassed for not wanting or enjoying a particular kind of sex.
  • Be in control & communicate: We highly recommend that the receiving partner be in control of speed and depth for the first few times. Real life is not porn. You and your partner will learn together what works for you- pacing, position, stimulation of other areas, and timing are some of the topics that require ongoing communication during anal sex.
  • Be prepared for poop: It is anal sex after all. You can buy douches to clean out your rectum before anal sex, and they definitely help, but there is always a possibility of poop when you're having anal sex.
  • Safety: Anal sex does not mean safe sex. All sex comes with risks, and you should discuss safety and risks with your healthcare provider.

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Disclaimer of Liability

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