The Problem with Plug-Only Systems

You've probably seen anal training butt plug systems on other websites or at adult stores. Those systems rely on the plugs themselves to stretch out the sphincter muscles. There are 2 problems with this type of stretching: it is inefficient and uncomfortable.

INEFFICIENT: When inserting a butt plug, the sphincter stretches to the maximum girth of the plug for only a second or two as it passes through. The sphincter then adjusts to the much narrower girth of the neck. By design, butt plugs are just not very good at helping you stretch to maintain their maximum girth.

UNCOMFORTABLE: Plug-only systems also present the problem of deciding when you are ready for the next larger size. There is often a significant increase in girth between plugs with no way to bridge the gap or determine whether you are actually ready to go bigger. Maybe you decide to hold your breath and just go for it.... That can be very uncomfortable, you may stretch too far too fast, and the discomfort could derail your plans for an adventurous encounter.

At Silolis we've created a better way...

The Silolis System

Our patent pending system pairs traditional butt plugs with a new innovation- coordinated wands.

The coordinated wands and plugs have matching max girths. Using these pieces together solves the problems of inefficient and uncomfortable stretching described above.

The Magic of Wands

In the Silolis system, the wands do the stretching rather than the plugs. Using a wand before a plug (and plenty of water based lube) allows you to slowly stretch to the max girth and hold it for a few minutes while your muscles relax. Once your muscles feel nice and relaxed, you can comfortably insert the associated plug. It will slide in easily as you've already adjusted to its max girth. The purpose of the plug is to maintain most of your progress as you go about your day, until you are ready to try for the next size....

It's time to try for the next size, and our wands have another trick up their sleeve- a knot towards the top that matches the max girth of the previous plug. Because wearing a plug allows your body to adjust to the narrower neck girth of the plug, this knot gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with the size you've already worked up to before going bigger. Once the knot feels nice and comfortable, you're ready to move through a brief reprieve that we call the shaft, and then on to your next max girth. The wand will allow you to slowly stretch to the next size up, and when you can take its max girth comfortably, you'll know that you've leveled up and are ready to easily take the associated plug.

The visual below uses colored lines to show how the max girths of the different pieces coordinate with one another. The max girth of wand 1 equals the max girth of plug 1 equals the knot girth of wand 2, and so on.

A Bit About Sizing

We've created a page dedicated to sizing, and hope you'll check it out! We've made every effort to create a system that will work for almost any body. We have petite wands for people with smaller frames or shallower hips. In addition, our wands and plugs were developed to coordinate with actual penial girth statistics, and they span the range from 1% all the way to 99.99%! Check out our detailed sizing guide to find the right set for your body!