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Long Anal Training Set: Large

Long Anal Training Set: Large

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Large Anal Training Set with Long Wands provides amazing anal sex preparation for partners with penile girth up to 5.75"

Includes butt plugs 2-4 and long wands 2-4.  This set has a max circumference of 5.75" which is equal to the 98th percentile of actual penile girths based on information from

Level 2: 4.25" Circumference; 1.35" Diameter
Level 3: 5.00" Circumference; 1.59" Diameter
Level 4: 5.75" Circumference; 1.83" Diameter
Long Wand 2: 5.5"
Long Wand 3: 6.0"
Long Wand 4: 6.5"

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